Philosophy and cuisine

Philosophy and cuisine

We draw our inspiration from nature, as is evident from our name: Leafs. Based on the strong tree, the trademark of the Engimatt City & Garden Hotel, the name is a daily reminder that we are an important part of the hotel and that nature has only the best for us in store.

René Gottwald

Head Chef

Christoph Huber

Owner / General Manager

Bruno Schenk

General Manager

Sandra Gavric-Huber

Meeting & Event Manager

René Gottwald

Head Chef

Christine Weigl

Front Office Manager

Thomas Scharrenbeck

Chef de Service

Gabriel Nesnidal

Junior Head Chef

Local ingredients

Whenever possible, we use natural foods from the region. There are many farms around Zurich where local fruit and vegetables provide a source of tasty ingredients. Short delivery routes are not only beneficial to the environment, but also make sure that the food on your plate is as fresh as possible, unfolding its full flavour. Enjoy your meal!


Our chef is a true artist – with attention to detail and a pronounced sense for harmonious combinations of flavours, he always concocts new creations. He takes particular pleasure in transforming his fresh ingredients into Mediterranean-style dishes, skilfully incorporating national and international trends.