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Leonardo da Vinci Versatility in all the arts

Really "grasp" Leonardo's genius on real models, background information on his life and times and all of his 16 paintings that can be safely attributed to him are the exhibition and overture for the new immersive journey through the world and work of the genius. "Uomo universale" brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in a fascinating and multi-faceted way.

The exhibition is aimed at lovers of art, culture and history, fans of technology and engineering and all those who want to discover the world of the universal genius.

"Leonardo da Vinci - uomo universale" was created for the Visiodrom in Germany and is being shown outside Wuppertal for the first time. The exhibition was created by the Visiodrom's creative team with Marie Haus and Axel Kurz, under the curatorial direction of Christian Höher and with the academic support of Dr Hiram Kümper, Professor of Late Medieval and Early Modern History at the University of Mannheim. It is also supported by the Institute for Cultural Exchange, IKT in Tübingen. The Institute has been organising exhibitions in the field of art and culture worldwide for decades. It has one of the most important collections of Leonardo models in Germany, which have already formed the highlights of exhibitions in museums throughout Europe. This is because developing functional models from Leonardo da Vinci's thoughts and drawings after more than 500 years is an art in its own right and requires a great deal of understanding.

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