Sewage and waste

Engimatt City & Garden Hotel | Leafs Restaurant

Sewage and waste

We are aware of the footprint of our operations. We want to minimise our impact as much as possible by carefully managing our resources. By implementing various small measures where sewage and waste are concerned, we achieve great results.

Rainwater collection tank

In order to avoid wasting valuable drinking water on the irrigation of our green facilities, we have converted the old heating oil tank to a rainwater collection tank. We use this water not only in our garden but also for the guest toilets of our restaurant.

Water consumption

All taps in the guest rooms are equipped with water savers, known as aerators. This allows for a substantial reduction in water consumption, without minimising the quality of our guests’ stay. Coupled with low water pressure, the aerators mix air into the water jet, giving the impression, for example, of softer water. In addition, all WCs are equipped with dual flushing.

Detergents and cleaners

We make sure to use the most environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaners whenever possible.


Wherever possible, we favour local suppliers when purchasing food and beverages. We also rely mainly on Swiss products and animal products from animal-friendly farms. We thus benefit from short delivery routes and freshly harvested ingredients.

Waste separation

We consistently separate batteries, glass, waste paper, cardboard, PET, aluminium, kitchen waste and special waste. All new employees are trained to this effect in order to be able to implement this system.

Hand and bath towels

Only hand and bath towels left on the floor by guests will be washed. Hung towels are not replaced. This helps us to reduce the consumption of water, detergents and energy many times over.