Energy-saving measures

Engimatt City & Garden Hotel | Leafs Restaurant

Energy-saving measures

We are aware of the footprint of our operations. We want to minimise our impact as much as possible by carefully managing our resources. To this end, we adopt best practices and continuously look for ways of lowering energy consumption.en.


As a further energy-saving measure, many of the lamps in the corridors and forecourts of the hotel are fitted with motion sensors. Eighty per cent of the lighting fixtures in the hotel are particularly energy-saving LED lamps.

Energy optimisation system

Once the total power consumption reaches a predefined level, all non-essential power sources are automatically switched off by an energy optimisation system.

Energy-saving system

When entering the hotel room, guests must slide the room key into a special holder. This activates the flow of electricity – and it is a safe place to store the key. All power sources are disabled when the guest pulls out the card and leaves the room. What is more, when the key is pulled out, the shutters are brought down automatically in order better to keep the heat in and/or minimise incoming sunlight.


The Engimatt City & Garden Hotel has been certified for climate protection and energy efficiency by the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector.