Engimatt City & Garden Hotel | Leafs Restaurant


We are aware of the footprint of our operations. We want to minimise our impact as much as possible by carefully managing our resources. We utilise technological advances, promote sustainable behaviour among our guests and are actively committed to the multiple use of resources.

Key cards

The key cards for our guests are made from sustainably harvested wood (80%).

Electric vehicles

We offer our guests a free charging station in our underground car park for electric vehicles.


Some years ago, Engimatt City & Garden Hotel switched from 80 to 60 g/m² paper for its internal use. We only use chlorine-free bleached paper.


We heat using natural gas, which has much less impact on the environment than heating oil.

Cooling systems

Our cooling systems (freezers, refrigerators) are equipped to recycle 70 per cent of the heat generated, for example, for heating purposes. In addition, our cooling systems do not use freon.

Air conditioning

Our air conditioning has been equipped with a heat recovery system (HRS). It recycles most of the waste air generated by the air conditioning in order to heat other areas of the property. The cooling temperature for the premises and hotel rooms can be set to a maximum 10 degrees’ difference compared to the outside temperature.