New Year's Eve 2023 | Engimatt City & Garden Hotel | Leafs Restaurant

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New Year's Eve 2023

Celebrate the last evening of the year with a night spent in the cozy atmosphere, and delightful company of your loved ones, at the Leafs restaurant. 

Our culinary team prepared a delicious menu for you to create according to your preferences. It is entirely up to you how many courses and which ones you wish to indulge in. Looking for the perfect wine pairing? Our extensive wine list will be available to order from.

St. James smoked salmon • honey-dill-mustard sauce • apple-celery salad • brioche

CHF 21.00

Lamb’s lettuce • egg • croutons • fig-mustard dressing (v)

CHF 17.00


Truffled potato cream soup • pasture pork bacon • potato-crumble (gf)

CHF 17.00

Truffled potato cream soup • potato-crumble (v,gf)

CHF 17.00


Poached free-range egg • potato foam • spinach • Belper Knolle cheese (v,gf)

CHF 19.00


Pan-seared veal sirloin • mushroom cream sauce • roasted winter vegetables • fine noodles

CHF 56.00

Risotto • baked eggplant Cordon Bleu • spiced tomatoes • Parmesan (v)

CHF 33.00


Apple tarte tatin • sour-cream ice cream (v)

CHF 14.00

Chocolate cake • vanilla ice cream (v)

CHF 16.00


We wish you a very happy new year and all the best for 2024!

Prices shown are CHF, incl. 7.7% VAT and excl. drinks.