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Leafs BBQ night

Imagine this: it's thursday evening after a long day of work. The sun is still shining, it's warm and you can hear the birds whistling away happily. What better way to unwind than spending the evening in the garden enjoying delicious BBQ dishes with friends?

Starting on April 11th, we will open our BBQ season. Every thursday night we will serve mouthwatering grilled dishes along with cool drinks and tasty cocktails. Whether it's meat, fish, burgers or vegetarian dishes you desire, there will be something on the menu for you.

If the weather allows, the terrace will of course be opened and in case of bad weather the night will take place in the restaurant.

Please find the menu below.
Make sure to reserve your table already. We look forward to welcoming you to our Leafs BBQ nights.

to start with

Seasonal salad (v)

CHF 11.00

Beef tatar • toast • quail egg

CHF 21.00

Burrata • confit tomatoes • grilled bread • rocket salad • honey (v)

CHF 18.50

Shrimp cocktail • toast

CHF 18.50

Salmon-gin ceviche • cucumber spaghetti • tonic foam

CHF 19.00

from the bbq

(including 1 side dish)

Lamb’s loin from the Big Green Egg

CHF 39.00

Beef ribeye steak

CHF 41.00

Beef burger • cheese • roasted onions • Leafs steak sauce

CHF 31.00

Iberico Secreto from the Big Green Egg

CHF 37.00

Marinated pulled pork • roasted onions • brioche bun

CHF 30.00

Peduzzi’s veal sausage from the Big Green Egg

CHF 22.00

Chicken drumsticks off the bone • soy lacquer • sprouts

CHF 27.00

Pike perch filet

CHF 31.00

King prawn skewer

CHF 34.00

Quesadilla • goat cheese • grilled vegetables • avocado • tomato salsa (v)

CHF 29.00

Side dishes & sauces

Chorizo-potato cream • fries • baked potato • cous cous

CHF 6.00

Seasonal vegetables • Corn on the cob • cole slaw • thai cucumber salad • leaf salad

CHF 6.00

Chimichurri • bbq sauce • Leafs steak sauce • garlic sauce

CHF 2.00


LEAFS variation of dessert • to share

CHF 24.00

Rhubarb cheesecake

CHF 12.00

Apple tarte • vanilla ice cream

15 min.
CHF 14.50

White chocolate and lime mousse • lime cream • sour cream ice cream

CHF 15.00

Marshmallow and cream tart • berries

CHF 15.00

Swiss cheese selection • fruit bread

CHF 14.00



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